A new dawn

It is an amazing thing to watch the nation’s insurance and pension industry grow to an enviable position in the financial services industry. 

As an insider in the pen profession that contributed to creating awareness for better appreciation of the insurance and pension industry as backbone to the growth of the economy. In furtherance of this role a new portal www.assurpen.com, an online platform, is coming into existence to increase the tempo of enlightenment of the public on the need to embrace insurance and pension for the security of life and property. 

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Assurpen.com is an online platform anchored by JOSHUA NSE, a credible friend of the industry, formerly a senior finance correspondent/insurance editor Guardian Newspaper. This reporter is deeply familiar with the insurance and pension industry from the regulators and practitioners, working hand in hand to develop the industry to meet the demand of the national economy. 

Although we are not new in the market, we seek cooperation and assistance from regulators and practitioners to help us play this role creditably. To our colleagues we solicit your understanding and co-operation, appreciate your zeal and diligence and to move the industry forward. 


Joshua Nse 


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