‘Carefirst Consult strategic goals designed to improve trust, confidence in the insurance sector’

The Principal Consultant, Carefirst Consult, Gus Wiggle, has admonished insurance stakeholders that the strategic goals of Carefirst Consult is designed to improve trust and confidence in the insurance sector.

In his welcome address at the maiden edition of the company’s annual insurance advocacy conference with the theme: “Catalyzing insurance through better claims experience” held in Lagos at the weekend, said Carefirst Consult is a claims management outfit who has come to fill a void in the insurance ecosystem and add to the value chain of insurance

L-R: Adetola Adegbayi, Executive Director, Technical Services Leadway Assurance/speaker; Kenneth Egwu, Deputy Director, National Insurance Commission; Ezeibe Ekeoma, Managing Director/CEO, Crystal Trust Insurance Brokers; GUS Wiggle, host/Principal Consultant, Carefirst Consults; Edwin Igbiti, President, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria; Odunayo Bammeke, Chairman of the conference; Aniema Ekong of Heirs Insurance Brokers, and Josephine Akinwunmi, Principal Partner, Josephine Akinwunmi and Co, during the 2022 event
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According to him, we desire to be a leading provider of claims management recovery services, arbitration and risk management consultant in the country.

Wiggle, who is the former chairman of the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA) – the umbrella body of the underwriting firms in Nigeria said “We shall be hearing from all stakeholders – the insurance companies, the consumers of insurance products, the intermediaries that is the brokers, loss adjusters and try to understand where this distrust emanated from or it’s an imagination.”

He said “the insurance industry faces huge trust deficit from the public arising from horrifying stories that policyholders tell stories even more better.

“Effective dispute resolution enables parties to resolve cross-border disputes quickly and to get back on track”

According to him, this is not to say insurance companies don’t pay claims, for instance, in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the insurance industry paid N142.8 billion, N193.5 billion, N206 billion and N224 billion respectively. Why are the insurance sector not celebrating their claims payment to the public under the wave of people saying they do not pay claims. The truth is that if you do not blow your trumpets who will blow it for you.

Wiggle said “We are willing to help insurance sector publish their claims on our website as our own way of improving trust and confidence in the insurance sector.”

Specifically, “we want to offer those that engage our services peace of mind, trust, respect, humility, tolerance, perseverance, believe and love”, he said.

According to him, the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) has given approval to the company’s services.


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