CHI Plc embarks on #IfYouLoveItInsureIt campaign

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance (CHI) Plc, one of the leading general business insurance providers in Nigeria, has kicked off its annual media campaign to sensitize Nigerians on the need to always insure their cherished assets, especially as the season of Love, Valentine sets in this February.

The campaign is hinged on the hashtag #IfYouLoveItInsureIt, and harps on the need to ensure that individuals and organizations who have spent enormous amounts of money to acquire valuable assets including automobiles, homes and even people, to ensure that they do not leave such acquisitions they love unprotected. The Company thus encourages Nigerians to extend the love they have for their assets by protecting them through insurance against damages to them and or liabilities that could arise from their use.

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The Group Managing Director/CEO of the firm, Mr. Eddie Efekoha, said the Company has been embarking on awareness drive for insurance of loved, valuable assets and emphasized that with their rising costs of replacement, the need for adequate protection through insurance has becomes even more compelling. Insurance, he said, remains a reliable fall-back option for repair or replacement of such assets when the unexpected occurs.

As we celebrate love, he said the gift of insurance should be considered as one of the best gifts to be purchased for our loved ones this season as it helps to lessen financial burden when losses occur.

The #IfYouLoveItInsureIt campaign is being rolled out across the Digital Platforms of the Company accessible through @myCHIplc on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and radio stations in the commercial capital of Lagos, national capital of Abuja and regional capital of Port Harcourt.

The Company offers competitive premium rates for all classes of insurance including Motor, Travel, Home, Marine, Group Personal Accident, with service offerings by associated companies in Health Maintenance, Micro Life Assurance and Finance.


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