Leadway Pensure named WA’s most outstanding PFA brand

Leadway Pensure PFA Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), has been named West Africa’s Most Outstanding PFA Brand of the Decade at the 2023 edition of the West Africa Brands Excellence Awards.

The award organisers recognised the leading PFA for its tenacious and extraordinary accomplishments, efficient service delivery, industry dominance, and customer satisfaction, through innovative and bespoke product portfolio, to its varying customers for over a decade across West Africa.

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Speaking on the significant achievement, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Leadway Pensure PFA Limited, Lanre Idris, stated that the award adds to the potpourri of recognitions received by the brand for its stellar, unparalleled commitment and exceptional delivery of superior financial solutions to its customers.

“This award is a testament to the brand’s DNA and corporate culture hinged on sustained and impeccable service delivery, cutting edge and technology-driven pension solutions targeted at actualising the possibilities for ultimate customer satisfaction.

“Over the years, Leadway Pensure PFA envisioned delivering unrivalled pension services and financial security in retirement beyond the shores of our immediate community. This recognition is a validation that we are progressing in the right direction to steer the course gradually and tenaciously toward African dominance in the pension space. This is an unflinching commitment despite volatile economic realities on the continent and globally. We remain resolute in prioritising operational excellence and generating enviable investment returns for our customers.

“I commend our team for their tenacity, leadership, and excellence in ensuring that our promises to various stakeholders become realities. Riding on the famous assertion that the reward for hard work is more work, I will like to remind the team that this is also a clarion call to not relent but continually push the boundary for phenomenal outcomes”, he added.

Before this recognition, the brand has received multiple awards, such as “Africa’s Most Impactful Pension Fund Administrator of the Year 2022 by Africa Fintech Brands Innovation Awards 2022”, the “Innovative Pension Fund Administrator of the Decade by Marketing Edge Awards, and Summit 2022”, and the “Most Preferred Pension Fund Administrator of the Year 2022 by International Standard Excellence Award.


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