NCRIB commends NAIPCO for effective reportage of insurance, pension industry

The President of Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), Dr (Mrs) Bola Onigbogi, has commended members of the National Association of Insurance and Pension Correspondents (NAIPCO) for their zeal, effectiveness and adhering to the finest order of journalism practice, leading to effective and ethical reportage of the insurance and pension industry.

She made the commendation during the 2020 yearly general meeting of the association in Lagos that “ideally the two industries being covered by you are a twin from same parents. Reporting insurance industry particularly comes with its challenges, in view of the poor acceptance of the indestructible by members who hardly find it expedient to put insurance in the FIRS to line priority, in spite of risks as critical, components of human existence.

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According to her, it is with your unselfish commitment and tenacity of purpose. I can say that gradually the barrier of ignorance about the industry is being pulled down.

She commended the leader of the association for the support which the association had been renderings the NCRIB. “It is common knowledge that awareness about insurance booking is abysmally low, even from those better. Only little is known about the fact that insurance brokers constitute one of the most important characters in the insurance value chain in view of their intermediary roles.

Aside from cresting on their rich reservoir of professional knowledge, she said, sometimes earned from working with other segments of the profession, they also help insurance clients to understand and maximize their insurances. In other words, there is no way any initiative about growing the insurance industry and enhancing its image could be complete without making insurance broking the kernel of such focus or aspiration.


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