NCRIB, Nollywood to partner on insurance of members

L-R: The Executive Secretary, The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), Mr. Tope Adaramola; Deputy President, Mr. Tunde Oguntade; Vice President, Mrs. Ekeoma Ezeibe; Former President, Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Mr. Segun Arinze; President, NCRIB, Mr. Rotimi Edu, mni; Managing Director, Universal Insurance Plc, Mr. Benedict, Ujoatuonu and President, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the April 2022 NCRIB Members Evening hosted by Universal Insurance Plc.

The persistent enlightenment campaign of the insurance industry to educate the public on the benefits of insurance to secure life and property in the event of unforeseen circumstances is gradually yielding fruits as groups and businesses are seeking insurance cover for protection.

For instance, the Nigerian actors (Nollywood) has signified intention to partner with the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) for proposals to facilitate the insurance of their members.

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Speaking at the April edition of the brokers’ evening sponsored by Universal Insurance Plc in Lagos, the former president, Actors Guide of Nigeria (AGN) and special guest of honor at the event, Segun Arinze, told the insurers that there are a lot of business opportunities in the film industry particularly in the insurance of life and property of members.

He explained that many of his members do not have adequate knowledge of the working and benefits derivable from insurance to cater for their needs in the event of misfortune, but called on the insurers to create robust insurance packages that will take care of Nollwood members’ lives and operations.

He said “It is a thing of worry for us in the film industry because some of us do not believe that insurance is a better option that can bring succour to members in the time of need.

“We invite you insurers to bring your proposals and let us discuss what you can offer. There are a lot of opportunities in the film industry. Nollywood is a very big industry with many professional actors including directors, script writers, cameramen, production managers etc, each of these people have different fields and associations you can network for our mutual benefits.”

In response, the President of NCRIB, Rotimi Edu, thanked the Nollywood idol and requested him to use his position and expertise as professional script writer to write insurance story and have it acted to the viewing public to help drive insurance penetration on the benefits of insurance as a source of security for life and property in the country.


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