NAICOM plans sustained insurance awareness in the country

Notwithstanding the challenges caused by Covid–19 which has disrupted plans of the National Insurance Commission to carry out sustained insurance awareness in the country, the Commission as part of its development strategy is to carry out a lot of awareness creation in all parts of the country.

Industry sources told AssurPen Online that the Commission has notified all stakeholders in the industry seeking their cooperation and support in creating awareness, selling the benefits of insurance.

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Besides, the Commission is planning to set up appropriate structures and offices in some of the states they intend to visit. The Commissioner for Insurance. Mr. Olorundare Sunday Thomas who spoke recently for “sustained insurance awareness creation”, said that the issue of financial literacy is still very low in this country. Even an average Nigerian, who is probably well read, educated and have the finance do not even understand what insurance is all about.

According to him, that is why this year as a Commission and part of our development effort is to carry out a lot of awareness creation. We will be quite heavy in creating awareness, selling the benefit of insurance.

Plans are already in place to visit the states, so that we will be able to sustain it.


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